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What is A Coalition Loyalty Program and How to Increase Your Customer Loyalty

A high-stake task of any loyalty program is to attract new clients and keep the old ones. Every trading organization that wants to work and develop should have a mentioned program, as it’s a tool to increase the average check amount and the buying frequency, which is very important with a good company position in the market.

The loyalty program (LP) is also a decent solution for obtaining information about the buyer, which makes it possible to understand who your client is, how he/she behaves, what he/she wants from the company today, and most importantly, what he/she will want tomorrow. The LP traditionally refers to all kinds of discount and bonus programs that provide customers with economic benefits immediately at the time of purchase.

Let’s get acquainted with a coalition loyalty program

A coalition LP ( is a set of marketing activities carried out jointly by several partner companies. The purpose of such a retention service is to cross-increase the sales volumes of the participating companies’ products.

The most well-known and widespread way to embody LPs (including coalition ones) is a discount card. It’s referred to a plastic card issued by one or more companies that provides the owner with the opportunity to receive a discount on further purchases of the products or other ways to receive and accumulate bonuses.

Coalition LPs bring together companies from different business industries. Participation in the solution allows venues and marketplaces to share the costs of its support among themselves while increasing the attractiveness of their product in the eyes of the consumer. The innovative scheme also performs an informational function.

The participation of a company’s client in a LP usually involves filling out a questionnaire, where he/she provides personal data about himself/herself, which can be used by the company for marketing purposes. An evocative LP provides an organization with the opportunity to study consumer preferences in other areas of consumption and build a more complete portrait of the target audience.

M-Loyalty Company is one of the most reliable and modern organizations that can offer the digital implementation of the coalition LP in a form of mobile software. The offered app contains all the required elements and will definitely meet the needs of the customer. Visit the website to find more information.


  • The digital retail system brings access to the client base and makes it easy to perform a search to find scientific papers and collect communications with more precise targeting.
  • The company can join an already existing coalition LP, which will significantly reduce the funds and time for its organization and launch. The development and implementation of LP requires significant resources from the company, both financial and organizational. The launch of a full-fledged and effective program requires the development of a bonus system, the selection or order of the appropriate software, as well as its technical support during the period of the program, the availability and training of service personnel, etc. A company can avoid all these costs by joining an existing coalition LP and paying only the cost of entry or sharing them with partners by launching a new joint solution.
  • A coalition LP allows consumers to accumulate bonuses much faster than an individual one since it receives bonuses from several partner brands at once. Thus, the customer collects the amount needed to complete the acquisition faster, and the likelihood of an unplanned purchase of the product is increased.

M-Loyalty Company pays great attention to the reputation and data security, so all the information is greatly protected from various risks.

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